Couple therapy


What is couple therapy?


In couple therapy, I offer assessment & therapy sessions. The first two meetings serve to assess your past and present in the different areas of life. They give me a sense of who you are and of the factors related to your difficulties. After that, we discuss the different themes that need to be worked on. Finally, we start the couple therapy itself. I use the systemic approach which views the problem as being caused by the interaction between the partners. Each partner is therefore responsible for the problem occurring but also for the problem solving. It is necessary that both partners get involved in the therapeutic process. Throughout the therapy, partners become aware of the types of interactions they have and their communication patterns. We also discuss intimacy and sexuality issues. Both assessment and therapy would be incomplete without considering the family models and the past relationships patterns. It helps us understand where both partners come from and why they face their actual issues. Both partners learn new ways of functioning that are more satisfying.

Here is the list of the issues I deal with in my couple therapy practice :

· The variation in the needs for intimacy
· The difficulties to live full intimacy
· The differenciation
· The infidelity
· The hypoactive desire
· The sexual aversion
· The erectile difficulties
· The ejaculatory problems
· The lack of sexual arousal
· The clitoral anorgasmia
· The vaginal anorgasmia
· The sexual pain
· The sexual obsession
· The addiction to pornography
· The sexual addiction
· The sexual abuse victims (outside of their actual relationship)

Sometimes the sexual problem was there way before you met your partner but at other times, it suddenly appeared in your current relationship. It could then be related to your couple dynamics. In couple therapy, the individual is seen as an element in his couple who is reacting to the problematic dynamics by a sexual problem. The sexual problem is therefore a symptom that something is wrong in the couple dynamics. In therapy, I examine and discuss the dynamics with the couple. Different issues are addressed according to what the couple presents : intimacy, complementarity versus fusion, conflict resolution, communication, etc. The couple therapy is interesting because both individuals progress together and share their difficulties and gains while the individual therapy creates changes in one individual without help for the partner to adjust himself to the new dynamics.



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