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As a clinical sexologist, I offer sexual assessment & therapy. The first two meetings serve to assess your past and present in the different areas of life. They give me a sense of who you are and of the factors related to your difficulties. After that, we discuss the different themes that need to be worked on. Finally, we start the sexual therapy itself. I use an integrative approach, meaning that I use a combination of the following approaches, depending on your difficulties. Here are the different approaches I work with :


Existential approach : In sexology, the existential approach views the human being as a whole, and therefore, his sexuality is in relation with every part of his personality and life. It deals with the behaviors, feelings, emotions and needs of the person. In particular, I consider the well-being of the whole individual as an essential condition to a better sexual life. Therefore, I also deal in therapy with the client’s life in general, as well as his love life, his relationships with others and his sexual life. The therapy aims to solve the sexual problem but also to help the individual to attain a higher level of well-being as a man or as a woman.

Systemic approach : In sexology, the systemic approach views the sexuality as part of the relationship. Therefore, the sexuality is likely to be influenced by the relationship. In therapy, the partners become aware of the communication patterns they have developed in their relationship as well as in their intimacy and sexuality. Since we are shaped by our past, the family background and the past relationships models are examined in order to have a better understanding of the actual couple’s life. Issues like intimacy, differenciation and communication are addressed. The partners learn new ways of functioning to live a healthy relationship. In the individual therapy, this approach gives a better understanding of the person and therefore becomes an asset for a better change. In couple therapy, this approach is the main used.

Sexoanalytic approach : Sexoanalysis addresses issues like sexual disorders, gender issues, difficulties to be in relationships and troubles with commitment. This approach views the problems as a result of internal conflicts that have not been resolved in the past individual’s life. This therapy aims at helping the individual to be aware of the underlying anxieties and benefits of his problems and how they are maintained in the unconscious. Dreams and fantasy analysis are the main tools used.



Here is the list of the sexual issues I deal with in my clinical sexology practice :

· The hypoactive desire
· The sexual aversion
· The erectile difficulties
· The ejaculatory problems
· The lack of sexual arousal
· The clitoral anorgasmia
· The vaginal anorgasmia
· The sexual pain
· The sexual obsession
· The addiction to pornography
· The sexual addiction
· The sexual abuse victims
· The sexual orientation issues 
· The fetishism
· The masochism



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