As a sexoanalyst, I offer sexual assessment & therapy. The first two meetings serve to assess your past and present in the different areas of life. They give me a sense of who you are and of the factors related to your difficulties. After that, we start the sexoanalysis itself.

This approach views the problem as being caused by unresolved internal conflicts that come from the past history of the patient. It aims at understanding what events from the past have been encoded in the unconscious and still have an impact on the relational and sexual life of the individuals. It helps the patient realize the underlying anxieties and benefits of his problems. The imaginary, the dream and the fantasy are the most important tools of this therapeutic process.

Here is the list of the sexual and gender issues I deal with in my sexoanalysis practice :

· The lack of masculinity
· The lack of feminity
· The difficulties in fantasizing
· The exploration and the meaning of fantasies and dreams
· The difficulties in commitment
· The hypoactive desire
· The sexual aversion
· The erectile difficulties
· The ejaculatory problems
· The lack of sexual arousal
· The clitoral anorgasmia
· The vaginal anorgasmia
· The sexual pain
· The sexual obsession
· The addiction to pornography
· The sexual addiction
· The sexual abuse victims (outside of their actual relationship)
· The sexual orientation issues 
· The fetishism
· The masochism



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