As a psychotherapist, I offer assessment & therapy sessions. The first two meetings serve to assess your past and present in the different areas of life. They give me a sense of who you are and of the factors related to your difficulties. After that, we discuss the different themes that need to be worked on. Finally, we start the psychotherapy itself. I mainly use the existential approach which views the individual as a whole. His problems are addressed but always in relation with the individual and his suffering. By the end of his therapy, the patient will have resolved his difficulties and will have worked on other issues. He will enjoy a more satisfying life.

Here is the list of the personal issues I deal with in my psychotherapy practice :

·The lack of self-esteem
·The lack of self-confidence
·A negative body image
·Difficulties to deal with emotions
·Relationship difficulties
·The emotional dependency
·Unsatisfying relationship patterns
·Difficulties with loneliness



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