What is fetishism?


The individual is sexually aroused by fantasies, impulsions or behaviors related to objects or body parts. There exist the body parts fetishism, the clothing fetishism and the fetishism of other objects. The object might or might not be necessary to orgasm but the individual usually fantasize about it while having a sexual activity. For example, a man who has a fetishism of red high heels boots. If his wife refuses to wear them, he might fantasize about her or another woman wearing the boots during the sexual intercourse.


·        Body parts fetishism : feet, hands, breast, hair color, tattoos, height, weight, etc.

·        Clothing fetishism : boots, shoes, diapers, underwears, nylons, skirts, etc.

·        Fetishism of other objects : tires, cigarets, etc.


In therapy, I try to understand what is the origin of the fetish in the individual’s life. There is often a deep emotional signification to it. This sometimes leaves the individual distressed but usually causes more distress in his relationships.



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