Sexual Pain


What is sexual pain?


The sexual pain is a persistant and repetitive genital pain associated or not to sexual activities. Different types of sexual pain exist and each will be defined and explained. Sexual pain is more common in women.


·        Dyspareunia : persistant and repetitive genital pain associated to sexual activities. Dyspareunia may have physical causes but often has psychological or relational causes. For a better diagnostic, we have to consider at what time the pain arrived in the woman’s life. Is it generalized, meaning in all situations? Or is it specific, meaning in only certain situations? For example, only when there are penetrations, or when adopting a specific sexual position… The location of the sexual pain is also important. The best advice is to consult a gynaecologist in the first place to make sure there is no physical problem or if there is, that a proper treatment is recommended. Only after can you consider a sex therapy.

·        Vestibulitis : the vestibulitis is a major subtype of dyspareunia. It is a sexual pain at the vestibulis, at the vagina entry. This region is often inflammated, red and very sensitive. Some burning sensations may happen while urinating. The vestibulitis is successfully treated through the combination of physiotherapy and sex therapy. The rate success is similar to surgery without the complications.

·        Vulvodynia : it is a persistant pain to the female external genitals at any time of the day. This type of pain is unrelated to sexual activites. My advice is to consult a gynaecologist.

·        Vaginismus : it is the uncontrolled contractions of the vagina muscles, in a persistant and repetitive manner. This makes the penetration very painful and sometimes impossible. Women consulting me say they feel contracted when they are about to have penetration. This problem is well treated by a sexologist.



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