Sexual Compulsion


What is sexual compulsion?


We also use the term sexual addiction. It can be best described by obsessive sexual thoughts that lead to a constant preoccupation in the life of the individual. The sexual behaviors will allow the individual to get rid of his sexual thoughts, and the tension related to them, but only temporarily. Often, the individual’s life is affected; his marital life, family life and even his professional life. Let’s take the example of someone who is addicted to pornography. He might stay up late in a locked room to watch pornography on his computer instead of being in bed with his wife. Others will look at pornography at their office, which will compromise their work. There is also the one who is addicted to female strippers and spend his salary there. The sexual compulsive individual has a hard time controlling his sexual pulsions. Eventually, he will come to therapy because he suffers and make his relatives suffer. I have realized through my practice that most of them have a pain deep inside which expresses itself through sexual addiction. This is what is addressed in therapy.



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